Friday, April 24, 2009

taking a break

today has been a lazy day. I have done absolutely nothing and I loved every minute of it! Having most of the week off from school has done wonders for my anxiety The kids are driving me insane but what else is new. Peyton is the littlest one (3) and he decided to submerge 2 rolls of toilet paper in toilet water..ughh..and then he threw it all around my bathroom. I hated cleaning that one up. Just another day in the life of mommyhood.
I did get some studying in for my Hesi though. I have been taking the quizzes that came along with my hesi book. I didn't do very well and that scares me. Some of those questions had nothing to do with anything we have learned in class..I wonder if it will be like that when I take the actual exam. I hope not. I don't want to be tested over things not previously studied.
Anyways, Desiree (my oldest who is 9) is selling cookie dough to raise money for her cheerleadingsuit and cheer camp tuition. I have mixed feelings on this. I hate to solicit people for money in this economy but I like that she gets 6.00 for each tub that she sells. That means less out of pocket for me which being a nursing student/single mom means a LOT!
Well, I am going to study some more nclex questions. Goodnite