Saturday, May 2, 2009

IV check offs!

I did it. I did my first IV perfectly!! I am so excited! Maybe I do have what it takes to be a I will post some pics of IV check offs as soon as my bestie Kim uploads them.
Meanwhile I am finishing up on my Pharmacology class and studying for the Mid-curricular at the same time. I am getting anxious. I so badly want to pass it the first time.
I hope I get to find out soon exactly where I will be "externing" this summer. I do know that I will be rotating through OB and ER. OB is where my heart is I think. I can't wait to know for sure if I like it. I think the ER will be fun cause I am I think that is where I will get the most skills. Everybody who comes to floor already has an IV and a Foley cuz they got one in the ER.
Anyways, Im stoked about this summer!