Thursday, April 23, 2009

Starting this blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is something totally out of the ordinary for me to do since I am not fond of writing...I actually dislike it, but I thought what the heck. Here it goes.
I am just finishing up my 1st year of nursing school and I can't believe how time has passed. One more year to go!! WhooHoo!! Well, my excitement is a little premature since I have yet to take and pass the Hesi Mid-curricular. That is coming up on May 7. If we pass the first time, we don't have to take the final. I hope I do but I just don't feel like I am prepared. I have done well all year but this is different. I will keep you posted on this and if you have any advice, comment me please.
Also, if anybody wants to ask me anything I will be happy to answer back.
I don't know just yet how often I will post to this blog, so keep checkin.
Until next time, G